# The anybill Bank API

# Getting started

As a banking partner of anybill you can integrate the anybill SDK into your own banking app and display bills of your users transactions. This requires a few simple steps in order to get started:

  • Register: Register as a banking partner at anybill and integrate the anybill SDK into your app.
  • Onboard users: Display proper terms and conditions to your users. If they consent, register the user at anybill.
  • Send transactions: Whenever a transaction is created, send it to anybill. We will match the transaction data to the corresponding receipts of the user. The matching receipt will be sent to the users device ready to display.
anybill bank customer onboarding

# User onboarding

anybill requires a users consent before any transactions are processed.

anybill user customer onboarding

# Transaction processing

Transactions are delivered to anybill using a REST API endpoint. As soon as we receive a receipt from a POS, we will query your endpoint to get the relevant transaction information. anybill will then process the transaction and match it to a users receipt. If there was a match it will be signalled to the users device and can be displayed.

bank integration