# Security and Data Privacy

To provide the highest level of security and data privacy, anybill builds its' services upon state of the art and well proven technology. Starting with the development of our products with our strict internal security guidelines and extensive testing within our three environments and continuing with the secure storage of the data in a German data center.

# Data Privacy

Our focus is on providing secure storage for the sensible data inside a German data center. Therefore, we partnered with Microsoft to store our data at the Microsoft Azure data center in Germany to establish a scalable and secure infrastructure for data storage. For encrypting the data we are using static encryption, tablespace encryption, and homomorphic encryption within our database.

anybill secure data

# Testing and High availability of the Webservice

To provide high availability of our services every update runs through three environments where it gets tested individually:

  • Test Environment: internal testing within anybill
  • Staging Environment: testing together with pos software providers
  • Production Environment: update is released to all live systems

The availability of our webservices is guaranteed by our hosting providers with an uptime of min 99.95% and also our high test coverage of avg. 72% whereby our Vendor API alone contains over 600 unit tests. Furthermore, our automated health checks are permanently searching for problems and errors within our service to notify our team immediately if something went wrong.

# Secure access to the Services

For managing the users who have access to the anybill services and their individual access rights, anybill uses the Active Directory from Microsoft. This Microsoft Service is an industry standard for storing the access credentials of sensible data and is trusted and used by most of the big corporate companies. Read more about the Security standards of the Active Directory here