# Partner Platform API v1 (deprecated)

This page describes use cases around the anybill Partner Platform API.


This Partner Platform API version 1 is deprecated and will be supported till 1. July 2021. Please update your integration to the new Partner Platform API v3.

# Enable anybill service for your users

For your user to access their anybill bills they first and foremost need an anybill account. Many organizations do not want their users to first create a dedicated anybill account to get started. That's where the anybill Partner Platform API comes into play!

We provide an endpoint that lets you (as an organization) create anonymous anybill users. Anonymous anybill users do not require to fill out a form with login information and so forth. Instead, you can create an anonymous anybill user on behalf of your user and give them access to the anybill services without much hassle. With these anybill users you are able to talk to our anybill App Api which provides most of our basic functionality like adding bills.

# Basic Workflow

The workflow for creating an anonymous anybill user works as following:

  1. Request anonymous anybill account using the anybill Partner Platform API from your backend.
  2. An anonymous anybill account is returned.
  3. Return this anonymous anybill account to your client application.
  4. Use the anybill App API using the anonymous anybill account login information provided.
anonymous anybill users workflow

# Requesting an anonymous account

To request an anonymous anybill account call the POST /api/v1/user endpoint.

# Detailed Endpoint Description

POST /api/v1/user

    "id": "9632d033-b25d-47c0-8aa9-85babec64969",
    "accessToken": "*****",
    "refreshToken": "*****",
    "expiresIn": "86400"

The response consists of a anybill AppUser id, accessToken and refreshToken for authentication to our App Api.


The returned anonymous AppUser is bound to your organization. Only your organization is allowed to delete AppUser created from your organization.

# Deleting an anonymous account

If your anybill account is not needed anymore you can delete it using the DELETE /api/user/{id} endpoint.

# Detailed Endpoint Description