# The anybill whitelabel App

The anybill whitelabel App is build with a modular software architecture to provide a flexible feature-set for building individual Apps for your use cases. Additionally every module can be customized and extended at your needs.

# Core features

Core Module
Contains fundamental technical functions
Authentication Module
Contains login and registration functions for the app
Bill Module
Contains functionalities to receive the receipts from the POS
Category Module
Provides categories to relate receipts and items to the corresponding categories

# Optional features

OCR Module
Paper receipts can be scanned via the anybill OCR-function
Document Manager Module
Permits the export of receipts directly to a document manager like GetMyInvoices, DATEV or fileee
Yoli Module
Connection to the bank account via PSD2 interface for a full financial overview
Smart Receipt Actions Module
Smart functions on a receipt based on the receipt data e.g. review of the shopping experience, recipe suggestions or adding of insurances
Expense Manager Module
Provides an automatically categorized overview of all expenses the user had
Marketing Module
Provides features to display offers customized on the customers purchasing behaviour
Loyalty Module
Provides features, to provide customer loyalty with personalized offers based on the customers purchasing behaviour
Tree Gamification Module
Offers a „tree level system“ to enhance the motivation of the user by planting trees for scanned receipts
Warranty Tracker Module
Notifies the user about due warranties
Shopping List Module
anybill provides a fully automatic shopping list with personalized suggestions based on the purchasing history