# Receipt Notification Webhook

# for receipt-issued-events

The receipt-issued-events CSP (Consumer Service Partner) Webhook is designed to alert partners when receipts are successfully added to the anybill system for a designated user.

User Registration and Receipt Endpoints

To register an anybill user use the user endpoints.
To query and display receipts in your frontend application use the receipt endpoints or the anybill SDKs.

After adding a receipt, anybill sends the receipt information to the endpoint URL you provide. For further information, please contact us via our Email contact.

# Authentication

For authentication, we use the X-API-KEY header. Please provide us with your API key.

# Webhook Request Structure

# Headers

Header Name Value
Content-Type application/json
User-Agent anybill
keep-alive timeout=60, max=3600
X-API-KEY <your-key>

The endpoint will provide you the following properties a JSON formatted payload.
All property names are a camelCased, ASCII encoded strings.

# Properties

Property Name Type Description
receiptId String A GUID representing an identifier for the receipt. This ID can be used for further interactions with the receipt.
receiptNr String Identifier of the receipt issued by the POS that created the receipt.
storeId String A GUID representing an identifier for the store in the anybill system for which the receipt was issued.
externalId String Identifies the user in your system.
vendorName String The name of the vendor who issued the receipt.
amount Decimal The total amount of the receipt, including VAT.
vendorAddress Object The address object corresponding to the store that issued the receipt. (defined below)
lines Array[Object] An array of line objects (defined below)

# VendorAddress

Property Name Type Description
street String The street name and number of the vendor's location.
postalCode String The postal code of the vendor's location.
city String The city where the vendor's store is located.
countryCode String The country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format) corresponding to the vendor's location.

# Lines

Property Name Type Description
Amount decimal The total amount including VAT for the product group purchased.
Name string The product's name as it appears on the receipt, maintaining the original formatting.
Number string The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number identifying the product.
Quantity string The quantity of the product purchased
QuantityMeasure QuantityMeasure A nullable enum or class indicating the unit of measure for the quantity (e.g., liters, kg).
PricePerUnit decimal The price per unit of the product, allowing calculation of total cost based on quantity.


The QuantityMeasure is an enum with the following values: Count, Kilogram, Lbs, Meters, Inches, Liter, CubicMeters, SquareMeters, KilowattHour

# Example

  "receiptId": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000",
  "receiptNr": "32048",
  "storeId": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000",
  "externalId": "user_001",
  "vendorName": "Examplemarket XYZ",
  "amount": 95.27,
  "vendorAddress": {
    "street": "123 Example Street",
    "postalCode": "12345",
    "city": "Example City",
    "countryCode": "DEU"
  "lines": [
      "Amount": 50.00,
      "Name": "Organic Milk 1L",
      "Number": "SKU123456",
      "Quantity": "2",
      "QuantityMeasure": "Count",
      "PricePerUnit": 25.00
      "Amount": 45.27,
      "Name": "Whole Wheat Bread",
      "Number": "SKU654321",
      "Quantity": "3",
      "QuantityMeasure": "Count",
      "PricePerUnit": 15.09